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Bacteria Blocks / Nitrifiers Bacteria Blends

Trion manufactures high quality bacteria blocks to be used in drains, grease traps, waste water collection systems, lift stations, lagoons and ponds. The Trion bacteria blocks are patent pending protected and are manufactured with an “Inter-Core Technology” blend.

Manufacture your own bacteria blends. Blocks can be custom colored to match your marketing plan and TRION offers exclusive colors with a minimum annual purchase agreement. Bacteria Super Concentrates can save you money allowing you to blend bacteria into your formulas. TRION also can provide starter formulas as well as proven bacteria blend formulas to clean almost anything.

World-Wise Certification

TRION can provide World-Wise Certification for Green Private Label Products.

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Three Highly Charged Elements

At TRION we realized that in order to be successful it requires three highly charged elements working together. TRION Products – Raw Material Manufacturers – TRION Customers. TRION has roots in the specialty chemical industry dating back to . . .

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Private Label Packaging & Custom Formulations

TRION offers a wide range of Custom Formulations to accommodate quality Private Labeled Products across a diverse market . . .

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